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Increase your ability to draw figure and gesture - Practice with Reference Images
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From artist for artists.

I dedicate to photography for two decades, in my free time I draw and paint, I like to synergy my knowledge and prepare some reference pictures for you. Together with my wife we prepared photos we think are best as reference. Traditional lightning - usually one source of light - so you get light and dark side, visible form shadow, terminator, in between, small highlight, no retouching in same cases also cast shadow if possible. All this within dynamic range of digital camera. This way you see form more 3D.


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anatomy poses for artist nude woman figures
Nika Nude Figures
405 pics.
see & buy

free photos
anatomy of hand and feet - artist referefce photo
Hand & Feet Gestures
487 pics.

reference photos for painting and drawing - landscapes and still life
Landscapes & Still life
439 pics.


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1331 pics.

All packages
All Packages

Figure and Gesture drawing

practicing  is necessary for any artist or illustrator. Life model is best solution, but not possible for everyone, next option is reference photography. Free photos available widely from web are limited in resolution and copyright but especially most of available figure photos are not suitable lighted or are over retouched. Too soft light, more light sources or direct light makes them useless for practicing. It is why I decided to make it the way I consider best - one hard light from side or/and top and reflection.
I basically recognize white overexposed, black underexposed background and light or dark visible background. All this option have their advantages. As for poses there are classical, modern, anatomical or torso poses.

All photos are protected by copyright. High resolution (4000 pixels longer side) images you get will have small informative watermark.Once you buy any photos as individual you can use them
for personal use only - you can make a final commercial art product, drawing, painting or sculpture by using them as reference images
. The same apply for free photos. For any other commercial use (also for art schools) we will discuss individual conditions - just let us know, we are open to your proposals.
anatomy pose for artist nude woman fitness figure
anatomy poses for artist nude woman figures
#4050 - Anatomy Poses (Nude)

Various backgrounds
70 high resulotion photos
classical pose for artist nude woman figure from back
classical poses for artist nude woman figures
#4051 - Classical poses  (Nude)

Various backgrounds
80 high resulotion photos
gymnastic pose for artist nude woman figure - bridge
modern poses for artist nude woman figures
#4052 - Modern poses (Nude)

Various backgrounds
50 high resulotion photos
pose for artist nude woman figure white background
poses for artist nude woman figures white background
#4053 - Woman Poses (Nude)

White background, overexposed
35 high resulotion photos
pose for artist nude woman figure muslin background
pose for artist nude woman figures dark background
#4054 - Woman poses  (Nude)

Darkbackgrounds, muslin, gray
80 high resulotion photos
pose for artist nude woman figure black background
poses for artist nude woman figures black background
#4055 - Woman poses (Nude)

Black background, underexposed
60 high resulotion photos
anatomy pose for artist nude woman torso figure
torso poses for artist nude woman figure
#4056 - Torso Poses (Nude)
Simple poses, legs, back, body

30 high resulotion photos
pose for artist nude woman figure for free
poses for artist nude woman figures for free
#4057 - Free Woman poses  (Nude)

Dark backgrounds, muslin, gray
12 high resulotion photos, try before you buy any picture from this site
see FREE photos here  or download
#4058 - Full Woman poses (Nude)

Various background
405 high resulotion photos
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