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Free nude reference photos
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Before you decide to buy any of my reference photos check this free photos. Woman's nude figures for drawing or painting on variety of background, hope this helps you in you practice. Nice model with flexible posing, body shapes and typical woman's features visible on these free pictures.

Chiaroscuro -

Light and dark, form shadow and reflected light on most photos.

Free download

Click on the photo to see full resolution image. Download it standard way (right click save as ...) or click on download button to get zipped file. See terms & conditions before you start downloading.

All photos are protected by copyright. High resolution (4000 pixels longer side) images you get will have small informative watermark. Even for free use them
for personal use only - you can make a final commercial art product, drawing, painting or sculpture by using them as reference images.
For any other and commercial use (also for art schools) we will discuss individual conditions - just let us know, we are open to your proposals.
free young nude woman pose for artist | in the bathroom | natural light from window
Free | Young Woman
Nude woman in the bathroom. Window's light used only.
free naked woman pose for artist | dynamic drapery | figural pose for art practise
Free | Dynamic Figure with Drapery
Figural pose for drawing or painting practise.
free nude woman posing with sword | traditional scenery as Caravaggio liked | drapery in background
Free | Woman with Sword
Young woman posing with sword in traditional scenery similar to Caravaggio style.
free nude woman pose for artist | woman undressing before bath
Free | Undressing before Bath
Worked out woman getting ready to take bath. Ambient light from window used only.
free nude woman pose for artist | naked woman wearing white shirt
Free | Woman in White Shirt
Nude woman, drapery and movement. All for artist's practice
free nude woman pose for artist | woman bathe with candlestick
Free | Bathe with Candlestick
Candles light only on women's body, Ambient light of renaissance masters
free nude woman pose for artist | woman bathe outside in small washbasi
Free | Taking Bath Outside
Woman bath outside in small wasbasin having a towel turban on the head
free nude woman pose for artist | woman warming up by the fireplace
Free | Warming up by the Fireplace
Fire light on women's body, Oldest lighting technique ever
free nude woman pose for artist | woman reading globe at candlelight
Free | Learning by Candlelight
Candles light only used. Very traditional light technique.
free nude woman pose for artist | woman sewing on the mashine
Free | Sewing on the Mashine
Woman sewing on vintage mashine and ironing with old flatiron.
free nude woman pose for artist | woman looking in the mirror
Free | Looking in the Mirror
White overexposed background, Studio light used.
free nude woman pose for artist | fitness figure | white background | form shadow
Free | Woman Nude Figure
Female gesture to practice sketchy drawing. Clearly visible ribs anatomy.
free nude woman pose for artist | female from back | white background
Free | Nude Female Back
Sitting naked woman from back. Ideal to practice back muscles, skin folds and quick gesture.
free nude woman pose for artist | lying figure | gray background
Free | Lying Nude Woman
Almost like a pose from Titanic movie. Traditional pose to see all basics of upper body anatomy.
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free nude woman pose for artist | lying gesture | gray background
Free | Lying Nude Woman
Unusual view on lying woman's body. Side light and reflected light makes it easy to capture volume.
free nude woman pose for artist | female gesture from back | gray background
Free | Nude Woman Gesture
Back view on woman's figure. Pelvis and shoulder ankle is different - ideal to sketch the gesture .
free nude woman portrait  pose for artist | Chiaroscuro modern gesture | dark background | form shadow
Free | Chiaroscuro Nude Portrait
Modern portrait pose lighted from top right side. Traditional light, strong shadows, visible volume.
free nude woman pose for artist | Tenebrism  figure looking up | black background
Free | Tenebrism Nude Figure Looking Up
Ideal top light, visible throat, rib cage and breast anatomy. Black background with visible reflected light, easy to learn basics..
free nude woman pose for artist | on chair | black background | ideal light
Free | Nude Woman & Chair
Ideal lightning - You see light side, dark side with reflected light, form shadow all this on perfect female figure.
free nude woman pose for artist | with drapery | black background
Free | Nude Woman & Drapery
Combination of woman's curves and draperies is old like human itself.
free nude woman pose for artist | Chiaroscuro figure | muslin background | reflected light
Free | Chiaroscuro Nude Woman Gesture
Muslin background suit female figures. Here you see all basic needed to practice drawing or painting. Gesture, gradual light, reflected light...
free nude woman pose for artist | from back - buttocks | muslin background
Free | Nude Woman Buttocks
Very typical almost trivial pose but those woman's curves need to by precised from each side.
free nude woman pose for artist | anatomy of rib cage | muslin background
Free | Nude Female Rib Cage
Stretched belly part wtih rib cage wissible.
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