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Increase your ability to draw human's hand and foot - Practice with Reference Images
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Hand and Foot anatomy

is often underestimated at the expense of figure and gesture practicing. And yet these are precisely these things that distinguish between the master and the beginner. Do not neglect details - sole, heel, toe and palm and finders - improve your skills by using these reference pictures. Study anatomy of veins of the hands and skin folds. Most photos are captured the way to clearly show

light and dark side, visible form shadow, terminator in between and small highlight. In same cases also cast shadow. Photos are natural with no retouching.

Hand and feet belongs to man, woman and younger girls. There are options in  backgrounds - dark, drapery or on white board.

For Drawing or Painting.

You can use these reference for both, quick sketches or finished artworks. It doesn't matter if you are  line or value based artist our reference photos shows the objects most natural way.
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anatomy poses for artist nude woman figures
Nika Nude Figures
405 pics.
anatomy of hand and feet - artist referefce photo
Hand & Feet Gestures
487 pics.

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reference photos for painting and drawing - landscapes and still life
Landscapes & Still life
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All photos are protected by copyright. High resolution (4000 pixels longer side) images you get will have small informative watermark.Once you buy any photos as individual you can use them
for personal use only - you can make a final commercial art product, drawing, painting or sculpture by using them as reference images
. The same apply for free photos. For any other commercial use (also for art schools) we will discuss individual conditions - just let us know.
anatomy of hand - finder pointing up - artist referefce photo
anatomy of hand - reference photos for artists - dark background
#4010 - Hands - woman, man

Dark backgrounds
167 high resulotion photos
hand gesture - sacret finder pointing up - artist referefce photo
anatomy of hand - reference photos for artists - drapery background
#4011 - Hands - woman, man

Drapery backgrounds
190 high resulotion photos
hand anatomy - hand holding a stick - referefce photo for artists
anatomy of hand - reference photos for artists - white background
#4012 - Hands - woman, man

White backgrounds
36 high resulotion photos
foot anatomy - woman's sole - referefce photo for artists
anatomy of feet - reference photos for artists
#4013 - Feet - woman, man

Dark background on white board
94 high resulotion photos
feet anatomy - woman's foot with veins- referefce photo for artists
free reference photos for artists - hand and foot
#4014 - Free Hands and feet

Dark backgrounds
10 high resulotion photos
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#4015 - Full Hands & Feet

Various background
487 high resulotion photos
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