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Welcome to business section.
Here we can meet all your requirements regarding
corporate freelance photography like event reportage, portraits, editorial or photojournalism.
Corporate Photo & Video
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corporate business freelance photographer & video services

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We are based in Bratislava, and specializes in

Practical and Natural documentary photography and video

for individuals and businesses across the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. We are husband and wife Marek & Klara.
We cover photography & video, and we are experienced in natural documentary (observative, discursive and also poetical), particularly for Corporate Events, PR Actions, Celebrations, Teambuilding’s or other Business or Advertising (Editorial Photography).
Marek dedicate also to Photojournalistic photography & video. In most cases we can cover both photography and video simultaneously. Both production and final post-production are part of our services.
Hire a corporate freelance photographer for your projects. Book a professional photographer in Vienna, Bratislava or Prague.

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Marek & Klara corporate photo-videographers Austria & Slovakia
Our Services

Event Documentary | Photo & Video

means taking documentary (no acting) pictures of employees, guests, speakers, audience and  venues on corporate events, receptions, sales events, PR event, conferences, teambuilding, Christmas parties.

The best way to get natural looking photography or video is "Unobtrusive observers capturing the event of the day just as they happen this is our vision of perfect event documentary.…more...

Corporate Portraits

headshots, photos of a person or group of people to captures the personality of the subject. Ambient or effective lighting or background may be used. You can get formal headshots or more natural.
A portrait might be artistic, or from real life. It can serve many purposes, informative, lobby of a business or editorial...more...

Editorial Photo & Video

Editorial images will be used in books, magazines, internet, social networks and newspapers.
The same goes for video.(interview, reportage) Short clip promoting your business ready to be published online.Editorial photography covers wide range of photo genres from documentary to fine art. Feel free to contact us for any photo & video project.

What makes them different from standard event documentary photo or portrait? It is way of capturing the picture and editing.
Best editorial Photography shows what words cannot communicate... more..
Photojournalism | Hire a Freelance Photographer

We help you to deliver news in a creative format that is not only informative, but also entertaining.
The images combined with text makes facts more relatable to your audiences.
You can hire for one event only or on regular base. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote...more.,
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Event | Portrait | Editorial | Photojournalism | Photography


As we mentioned already, the longer your photo session is the more cost effective it becomes. We are hired on hourly, half-day or full-day basis. Each hour of production needs couple of hours of editing and postproduction. So final price includes production, post-production and our other costs.
We charge per project price rather then per photo price. We can adapt the pricing to your needs if you buy partially full copyright for some photos and limited for the others.
Final prices are provided individually on request. Prices covers production and basic postproduction (editing).
We travel to yours offices or locations. The travel within Bratislava or Vienna is included in every photo shoot. more...

Check our Availability

Let us know event date, locations, deadlines and services you like to order. Describe us your targets and aims you like to reach.
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Synergize services to be cost effective

Regular business vs. one time action, Photo & Video together, Event documentary & Portrait Session, Got Editorial from Event documentary.
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Corporate Business Portraits

What do you get and when.

From documentary of any event our client gets sequence of storytelling photos. There may be more commercial, portrait or editorial shots if previously requested. Full day session from big event may bring up to 1000 final pictures. All final photos are pre-selected and edited. Lengths of video depends on your request, but in today world relatively short result are popular (minutes or 10s of minutes and not hours). The whole process can take from days to weeks. Together with photos or videos you get the rights as we previously agreed.

Post Production | Editing

Editing and any post-processes are inevitable part of any production for event photography or video. Editorial or Journalistic photos may have different post-processes depending on your actual requests so may not be fully finished by us.
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Events | Editorial | Portrait | Photojournalism

The best way to get natural looking photography or video is "Unobtrusive observers capturing the event of the day just as they happen this is our vision of perfect event documentary.
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Event | Portrait | Editorial | Photojournalism | Photography

Got a Business related question? Let us know following info:

1. start & end time for us

(how long you need us)

2. delivery time for final pics. or video

(or other deadlines)

3. brief schedule of your wishes

(schedule of the event, plan, scenario..)

4. requested style

(documentary, art, portraits, acting scenes)

5. what result you like to get

(number of photos, length of video, any special editing)

6. are you looking for bargain or top service

(your budget or options)

Check Event documentary, Portrait, Editorial or Photojournalism section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section.

We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.
(there are options to customise service - one or two photographers, single or multiple camera recording, basic or advance editing, documentary, fiction or art, digital or analogue film and so...business login here)
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