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Free Photos | Always try before buy!

Hence the key purpose of free photography section where you can download and try high resolution photos before you decide to buy others.  There you will find photos from each category, nude, reference, fine art and so. Even the photos are free, they are licensed for certain usage only, reference photo must by used as reference photos only and fine art photos ready to print just for personal prints. No commercial or other usage is allowed.

Reference Photos | Chiaroscuro | Tenebrism | For Artists

Photos in this section are intended for artists (painters or sculptors) to practice or make final art piece. Pictures are as natural as possible, no retouching, special or basic light used to get simple "readable" picture - light and dark side, reflected light, form and cast shadow, highlight and in term of content valuable anatomical source, especial for nude female figures. there are always variety of backgrounds used, white, black, gray, muslin so any artist can find his or her preferred option.
These reference photos are captured in Chiaroscuro (strong contrasts between light and dark) or even Tenebrism (dramatic illumination or pronounced chiaroscuro) mode - easy to learn and copy the reference to get dramatic results.
Any art piece (drawing, painting, sculpture) where my reference photos were used may by used commercially. But photos may be used just for reference purpose, no commercial use of photos is allowed.

Fine Art Photos | Ready To Print

Here you can find less conventional photographies, expressive, inpresive, abstract and surreal. Once you buy or download free samples you can make up to five (5) prints of any size but for personal use only (decor walls in your house, mug, T-shirt). Contact me for any other usage (hotels, business locations, selling of produsts ...).

SPECIAL OFFERS | 18+ only | BUNDLES | 0.08€/pic.
All photos are protected by copyright. High resolution (4000 pixels longer side) images you get will have small informative watermark. Once you buy any photos as individual you can use them
for personal use only - you can make a final commercial art product, drawing, painting or sculpture by using them as reference images.
The same apply for free photos. For any other and commercial use (also for art schools) we will discuss individual conditions - just let us know, we are open to your proposals.
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anatomy poses for artist nude woman fitness figure | naked female body
#40100 | 405 pics | 7 Nude Packs
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Professionally Posing Model
Young model from "blue" pack managed high level posing. No pose was impossible for her. Ideal figures for gesture and sketchy drawing. Sure you can do a lot of fine rendering too as there is plenty of well visible anatomical details. Courageous young model is ideal for beginners as well as for professionals. Less experienced artists can see what is flat and what and what is bending. From space and value point of view these pictures can be "read"easily. Advanced painters can be inspired by variety of poses and female curves.
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Chiaroscuro ofnude woman pose for artist | undressing | buy antomical pics | naked gesture
#40200 | 545 pics | 6 Nude Packs
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Back Spine | Body Landmarks
On this skinny model, in yellow packages, you can identity easily any body landmarks and learn anatomy of woman's back. There are variety of backgrounds used, white, black, gray and natural. Both artificial and ambient lights were used.
Dark photos have strong contrast on the other side those naturally lightened have moderate contrast. But on both is visible light and dark part, highlights, shadows and reflected light - ideal for drawing and panting practice of female anatomy.
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reference pictures for artist nude woman figures  | nude art poses
#40300 | 720 pics | 7 Nude Packs
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Traditional Proportions
"Pinky" color Model predetermines these references not just for practicing but also for making final art pieces. Naturally looking young woman posing mostly traditionally without unnecessary extremities.
Innocent look and ideal body curves on most poses is what you may find useful to inspire yourself or just copy these features into your art piece. Dark background is more contrasting, while ambient light on natural background is less contrasting, almost flat on some pictures.
There is variety of lighting situations and backgrounds, some draperies are used as well. Mostly one side light is used. Reflected light is visible on most photos.
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Chiaroscuro hand gesture - sacret finder pointing up - referefce photo for artists with drapery
#40400 | 487 pics | 4 Packs
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Learn Basics | "Read" the Picture
Most photos from Hand & Foot anatomy are captured the way to clearly show light and dark side, visible form shadow, terminator in between and small highlight. In same cases also cast shadow. Learn to see all this important details on these reference pictures. Photos are natural with no retouching. Hand and feet belongs to man, woman and younger girls. There are options in backgrounds - dark, drapery or on white board.
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From Artist for Artists.
Self portrait of the artist Marek Valovic | dry pastel draving on paper
self portrait | dry pastel
I dedicate to photography for two decades, in my free time I draw and paint, I like to synergy my knowledge and prepare some reference pictures for you. Together with my wife we prepared photos we think are best as reference. Traditional lightning - usually one source of light - so you get light and dark side, visible form shadow, terminator, in between, small highlight, no retouching in same cases also cast shadow if possible. All this within dynamic range of digital camera. This way you see form more 3D.
Visit my art site to see more from my art.
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