Natural looking & ambient light seemed best to me in every place where the sun's rays reach. Unobtrusive quiet observer capturing events of the day just as they happen or "hunting" the moments and situations that can not be repeated, this is the way I prefer in wedding photography.  We  use additional light only in case if the place lacks a sufficient atmosphere or if we intend to reach special effects. kind of photography you can get great result with no acting experiences and without stylization. My experienced assistant and 2dn photographer my belowed wife Klara helps me in moments which  take  place only  once and  never  again. FINE  ART  Stylization or Fine Art photography influences the reality through photographer's and customer's visions. Subjects are acting and can use more attempts. Ambient or additional light can be used. Final photographs or video are more postprocessed. As wedding day offer sufficient unique moments full of atmosphere we recommend to focus on them during whole wedding day and plan extra day and special locations for fine art photography.
DOCUMENTARY Documentary, reportage or photojournalism is natural way of capturing reality. Subject are not camera aware, are not acting and photographer does not influence the story, prefer ambient light and  coincides  with  the crowd.  Result  is  large quantity  of story  telling  photographs or  videos. Natural poses and appearance characterize this OPTIONS Beside these natural approach we provide you all finnal photos in color and B&W modifications, for demanding clients we provide also retro or vintage modifications. Final photos are preselected and edited this is integral part of converting RAW into final format. You will get all finnal photos electronically and also in password protected gallery. From the best storytelling photos we workout for you a photobook. You can choose the photos for the book, you can approve the layout prior to printing. We offer various photobooks of many designs, sizes and prices.
There are more additional options to be chosen as part of your wedding photography service. Some have to be chosen prior to wedding some are optional features and can be ordered after you get familiar with all final photos. During our session we inform you about all options.
3. PUBLISHING after we finalize all photos in all color modifications, we publish it into password protected gallery. You will get access and you can see the result. Now you may decite for additionals, photobooks, packages for guests and friends or any printings. We offer various photobooks of many sizes and prices. 4. PAYING after seeing the photos or video, you pay us for services according to our previous agreement.  5. PRINTING based on your agree-ing we manage printing burning and prepare everything for the last part. We offer various photobooks, from high quality to luxury lea-ther coffe table books of many sizes.
OPTIONS Digital era gives unprecedented opportunities for image and video processing. You can have long version or short trailer - dynamic overview of the whole wedding day. There exists special way of capturing video, developed just recently, result is dreamy and poetic video showing a lot of emotions. Both 16:9 or cinema ratio are possible. We workout FULL HD or smaller resulotions - for DVD or Blueray players, PCs, mobils and tablets.  We everything customizes to your expectations of a perfect result. Motion pictures together with Audio allow to captures the reality differently then still pictures. Combination of motion pictures and ambient audio or music gives impressive result. It is up to your decision what you choose we are able to capture both still and motion pictures at the same time. Full frame DLSRs are one of the most flexible tools for such a situation. 6.POST   if the situation does not allow meet personally we will send you everything on agreed address. The whole process takes ussually 10 to 20 working days. If you order photobooks, it takes another 10 working days to third part to printout, finish and send the photobook. CINÉMA  VÉRITÉ Truthfull Cinema, Kino Pravda, Direct Cinema or any other style of naturalistic documentary suit best our ideas for weddings.  We capture fragments of actuality which, when organized together, shows a deeper truth which could not be seen with the naked eye. Extra lights would attract attention a lot therefore we get by on ambient light only. Handheld or tripod, slider or flycam all these techniques are essential for us as well as multi camera  and  external  audio  recording.
follows diretly after production, this is the section in which you are not present. But you can influence this part through your wishes and requirements which serves as a blueprint for the entire postproduction. Production lasts one to two days, post-production will take one to several weeks. Postproduction can be selected into six “p”:
1. PRE SELECTION thousands photos and hours of video need to be reduce, choose the cream of the crop or divide the wheat from the chaff, as you like, anyway we want to achieve the best result, high purity and perfect result.
Retouches, montages, airbrush and other sophisticated method are mainly used in advertising Photography, but may be used appropriately for wedding. Video editing provides many options too, digital or analog look, different ratios and resolutions and many other options.  2. POST PROCESS this is today's essential and time consuming activity during which we convert RAW materials into final formats. Exposure compensation, cropping adjusting the color gradients and many others steps contribute to the finalization. We usually provide you standard color, B&W and “analog” or retro modification for all final photos.
Any additional services may be ordered. Extra day may be used as Engagement & couple sessions and start at 400 € for photography and 600 € for photo together with video.  There are plenty of options for Photobooks, we offer you work out and one high quality printout. Later you can order more printouts or any other design of the book. You can choose the photos for the book and you can approve the layout prior to printing! If you like retro look or vintage photos we can work out all photos in another color modification. Vintage or Special video is another video version captured separately by very special way, it has more dreaming and poetic look. Check our BLOG to feel the difference. Price for very big weddings with much over 100 quests needs to be increase by 10%, as you get more photos also weddings with more than two wedding locations needs to be discussed. Do not hasitate to contact us for special desti-nation weddings, family or any other sessions.  If you see the value in our work and you feel you have photography or video at the top of your priority list, feel free to check our availability. CALL  any time betwen 07.00 to 22.00 CET.  Our number is 00421 918 560 500  OR  WRITE  E-MAIL with your requirements anytime. Describe your requirement and give us details about your wedding or other ocation. Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Our e-mail address is   OR  Our first consutation  meeting is free  of charge. You can find all our prices in the contact form on the right side. Wedding day packages for Photo has equal prices as for Video. Photo & Video together has better prices. All package prices include two photo-videographers, full editing, 400 to over 1200 finally edited photos, color and B&W modifications, private online gallery and all data on USB flash or DVDs or Bluray discs. Video has long version and short highlights clip, music according your choice, ambient audio and speeches. All our cost including travelling costs for AT, HU, SK and CZ are included.Other Europe countries  travelling cost are from 140 € to 380 €.
                 FILL  CONTACT  FORM Check out our Wedding prices in the form, find what suits you best. Let us know all about your incoming wedding and your wishes. We are looking forward  to  hearing about your wedding  plans!
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