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Fine Art Wedding Photography

Someone calls it as stylized,

posed, fashion, editorial, illustrative, modern or creative wedding photography

. Whatever you call it


the meaning for weddings is similar. I personally recognize three key differences comparing to Photojournalism:

• artistic photography influences the reality thru photographer's or customer's visions,

• you as photographed objects are camera aware, you are acting and usually have more attempts to reach successful outcome,

• it needs to be planned and locations and time slots have to match with your wedding schedule.

Wedding planner would help significantly here if you are planning wedding just yourself we can support you and cover this during


our personal meeting. Reason why we love to use Fine Art wedding photography is Analog Film.

Traditional film photography


enhances the result. Black & White or color film provides more organic feeling then digital does. Digital photography is great for


low light conditions. We can edit digital pictures to get vintage or retro look, but analog film is more natural.

But keep in mind, each photographer has unique “handwriting”. Our style, even in Fine Art stays pretty natural. Like it was for


real. To see a difference between Photojournalism vs. Fine art see also Photojournalistic gallery here. Unless you give us other


instructions we cover both during wedding day, documentary is spontaneous and posed photos have to be planned.

Marek & Klara

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Fine Art photography Austria Schloss Halbturn
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bride dancing in Schloss Halbturn
bride's and groom's shoes
Schloss Halbturn Hochzeit
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wedding kiss
fine art photo
portrait flower behind ear
groom on bicycle - panning
fine art wedding photo
artictic wedding picture
hochzeit schloss obermayerhofen
art photo - wedding shoes
fine art
bridesmaid jumping
bestmen jumping
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sun flower bride and groom
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Chinese wedding in Vienna
bride groom and motorbike
red umbrella gride and groom
red and black wedding shoes
bride and groom in volkswagen beatle
bride and groom driving red tram
hochzeit Stift Gottweig
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bride and groom in park Porzelanmanufakture Vienna
red wedding shoes
walking bride and groom
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bride and groom on bicycle - panning photo
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svadba na Smolenickom zamku
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bouquet pastel colors
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