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Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Also known as

wedding documentary

reportage or

candid photography

. The main goal of these styles is to make a narrative story


out of the wedding by capturing natural moments rather than setup poses. Observation and spontaneity are key elements here.


Following points are main reasons why I love to use natural photography as fundamental tool for wedding day photography:

• result are

storytelling pictures

full of moments and genuine emotions, snapshots that reflect the reality

  and resemble your real memories of the day,

• documentary captures unique moment that are not copies of someone else’s wedding!

• subjects are not camera aware, are not acting and photographer does not influence the story,

  prefer ambient light and coincides with the crowd.

• no special planning is needed for documentary, we need to be familiar with your wedding schedule

  to be sure to capture each milestone of the wedding day.

By milestone we understand getting ready, civil or religious ceremony, congratulations, group pictures, cocktail hour or reception


(Agape), speeches, dinner, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, habits and traditions (čepčenie, ľudové tance ...). Reportage


wedding photography accommodates formal shots as well so group photos, decorations and location photos are part of our


wedding documentary. To see a difference between Photojournalism vs. Fine art see also Fine Art gallery here. Unless you give


us other instructions we cover both during wedding day, documentary is spontaneous and posed photos have to be planned.

Marek & Klara

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