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Old timers & Limousines

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Transportation during wedding day on a oldtimer car has not only visual but also practical effect. You need transport for wedding with more locations anyway, so renting a car with chauffeur looks like great solution. We need to move to other location too we use our car, but one of us can join you to take documentary pictures from your journey. If the car is available afterwards we can use it for photographing, but usually the schedule is too busy to have proper time for it. Think about it if you like to have such an extra pictures. Bicycle or Vespa is less practical but great for photography. Before the wedding we get familiar with your wedding schedule to be able to capture all important moments of transportation. Check the gallery bellow where are photos mainly from weddings in Vienna and Bratislava.

Marek & Klara 

vintage car going for wedding
wedding rolls royce - spirit of ecstasy
bride in Rolls Royce
blue vintage car wedding bratislava
bride in wedding car
bride and groom in wedding car white VW beetle
bride and groom on bicycle panning photo
bride Jaguar
no parking please
wedding Daimler Jaguar
wedding black Mercedes S
wedding white Rolls Royce Vienna
wedding Rolls Royce with chauffeur
bride and groom on Vespa - panning photo
wedding vespa Vienna
vespa wedding motorcycle
oldtimer wedding car
bride brown veteran car
groom comming out of the car
bride going to ceremony on Vespa bike
wedding Vespa Vienna Vineyard
bride groom cabrio mercedes
happy bride in mercedes
groom bicycle
wedding quests vienna
Rolls Royce Schonbrunn Vienna Just Married
bride and groom on trolley
groom and white Cadillac Vienna Weingut Cobenzl
wedding Cadillac and bouquet
Wedding vintage Chevrolet
bride in vintage car
vintage chevrolet
bride and groom in vintage car newlyweds
vintage car
bride and groom in tramway Bratislava
Skoda vintage wedding car
newlyweds in vintage veteran car
bride kiss groom
groom going on bicycle panning photo
happy bride and groom in car
happy bride and groom in mercedes cabrio
bride sitting in wedding car
black mercedes and bouquet
black mercedes and chauffeur
newlyweds in vintage car
bride on bicycle red shoes
groom on wedding bicycle near Carlton Bratislava
bride and tricycle
bride hitch hiking sun set
groom and vintage bicycle
bride and vintage bicycle
Rolls Royce near Wotrubakirche Vienna wedding
leaving bride and groom mercedes cabrio
photos from wedding transport - Austrian and Slovak weddings

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