Choosing the wedding rings online?

Of course, the wedding is a beautiful and unforgettable event but when it is organized, one can also have the stress. To find the right place, music, to build a tasty menu and to catch up booking a photographer is sometimes much complicated than it may seem at the first moment. Even if you do most of the wedding preparations, one important part does not miss anyone, especially men. And it is a choice of the wedding ring. But even this can be easy. Just sit on the couch, turn on your computer and visit Eppi - an online jewelry store, where we try to do from the ordinary shopping an eppic experience. |  wedding-rings-eppi

Welcome to EPPI

Wedding Rings | Online Jewelry | Lifetime Waranty

We are a team of young people who try to show people that buying jewelry over the internet is not to be feared. The quality and professionalism are combined with a friendly and human approach. Therefore we believe that even if you do not meet us personally, you will get the best experience from your purchase.

Team EPPI in Prague - Custom made wedding rings
EPPI Team in Prague - Vodičkova 791/41

A lifetime warranty, transparency and precision are in Eppi a certainty. Neither tailored jewelry nor unconventional designs are a problem. The skillful goldsmiths in our own work-room can change each of your wishes into a reality and they accept every challenge. Yes, our customer´s satisfaction is for us the most important. And we will do anything for her.

Unlimited options

The wedding rings are a jewel for the whole life. Although women´s and men´s preferences may be different, important is to find a compromise. However, the comfort by wearing is essential for both partners. In Eppi we are trying to find the perfect for everyone. You will surely give us the truth, that a wide choice will reduce the risk of pre-marriage hassles and will guarantee a satisfaction on both sides.

Team EPPI in Bratislava - Custom made wedding rings
Custom made wedding rings from EPPI - lifetime waranty
Hand made production of jewelry in EPPI
Hand made production of jewelry in EPPI

In our online jewelry kingdom you will find the classic golden wedding rings, their improved version with diamonds for ladies, the eternity wedding rings, as well as the atypical rings with different surface structures. Satisfied will be also the lovers of minimalism or the vintage-style lovers - the possibilities are simply unlimited. And who makes the whole Eppi?

Showroom EPPI in Bratislave, custom made wedding rings
You can find EPPI directly in Bratislava - Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7

Every detail is important

Would you like to change something on your selected ring, add some engraving or choose a different color of a diamond? No problem! We will be happy to talk to you about all the options and find the right one solution. You can contact us via Facebook, e-mail, phone or directly on our web page in an online chat.

EPPI SK s.r.o.
Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7,
811 02 Bratislava,


+421 910 930 876  
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  0800 222 330

We also offer a personal meeting in one of our showrooms. You can choose if you visit us in Prague or Bratislava. Just fill in the online contact form and we will certainly discuss about a possible date for both sides. In a pleasant and friendly environment you will be able to view your selected gold or platinum wedding rings and get answers to any of your questions. We will be looking forward to meet you!

Golden custom made wedding rings in Bratislava from EPPI
Custom made wedding rings form platinum in Bratislava - from EPPI
You can find EPPI directly in Bratislava - Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7

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