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Burgenland, Castle, Relax
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Wedding in Burdenland

Church Ceremony | Burgenland | Austria

In the Austria there is quantity of very nice venues which are ideal for the wedding. Schloss Halbturn is one of them. Baroque settlement located in Burgenland. This sunny day I first met Susanne from .She with her team was covering whole wedding. We started shooting with getting ready. Bride Birgit was happily tuned exactly as groom Peter.

This time we were taking still and motion pictures in parallel. See the wedding photos here Schloss Halbturn Wedding photo. Religious ceremony took place in the church nearby, just across the garden. BTW the first mention of the creation of gardens in Halbturn is from the reign of Emperor Charles VI in 1737. We spent some time there in the garden after the congratulations. Well organized weddings or weddings managed by wedding planner strictly follow the plan. It is why we had over half an hour for the fine art photography rights in the garden.

Weather was just great neither hot nor cold all were going smooth, just as scheduled. Even the group photos where the ladder was labile - check here - ended up without injuries. We love well managed wedding especially when the wedding takes place in a single location. This makes photography in parallel with videography much more efficient.

Marek & Klara

MarTinka from on Vimeo.

"short" version of wedding from Schloss Halbturn

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