Bratislava - Marchegg - Schlosshof

Well managed wedding
Church ceremony on the village, Celebration on Castle

Wedding at Countryside

Church Ceremony | Classical | International

These wedding took part in three key locations, getting ready in hotel Mercure Bratislava, church ceremony in Church at Marchegg and celebration in well known Schlosshof. The couple was international, they chosen calm locations of Niederösterreich (lower Austria) and used optimal distance of Slovak capital Bratislava. We used hybrid digital and analog film wedding photography.

Wedding day was prepared and managed by Paula from team. We faces sunny weather most of the day, but at the end of couple photos there started to rain.
The exteriors and interiors of Schlosshof is hard to describe by words, see the photos and make up your conclusions. We captured video film of that day too. See the engagement photography of the couple.

Marek & Klara

bride and groom by old timer Rolls Royce - wedding photography
wedding at schlosshoff - hochzeit in schlosshof - film is not dead
inside the wedding Rolls Royce - couple wedding photo
bride - film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
photojournalistic wedding photography Austria
Schlosshof wedding -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
portrait bride -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
braut detail - art foto
film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding couple -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding decoration -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding drinks - film is not dead - wedding photo
group photo - Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding film (Fuji Film 400H) photos from Schlossshof
wedding documentary photographer Austria - The bride
getting ready bride
bride wearing wedding dress
bride wearing wedding dress
getting ready - wearing dress
groom wearing tie
groom ties a tie
groom getting ready
nice bride in Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce at hotel - wedding photographer Austria
VIP Rolls Royce
bride with father in Rolls Royce
bride with father entering church
kirche marchegg
bride with father entering church - inside church
father kissing bride
wedding at church in Austria - Marchegg
priest at wedding
hochzeit in Marchegg kirche - kirchliche trauung
hochzeit in Marchegg kirche - kirchliche trauung
hochzeit in Marchegg kirche - kirchliche trauung
photojounalistic wedding photoAustria - documentary - going out of church
Top Wedding Photographer Austria
congratulations wedding
happy groom
Oldtimer Rolls Royce at Marchegg
wedding marchegg
wedding at garden
nice wedding guest - moments snapshots
child at wedding
bride and groom in Oldtimer
bouquet and bride - pastel colors
bride - portrait at Rools Royce
Portrait of Bride - Wedding Fine Art Photography Austria
portrat of weddign couple
VIP Service - Groom
wedding photography Austria - Best wedding photographer
groom as griver of limousine
Wedding Art Photography Austria
hochzeit Schlosshof
hochzeit Schlosshof - Rolls Royce
drinks - champagne - wedding
details - wedding drink
Portrait groom
wedding moment - smoking guests
children at wedding
nice wedding guest - portrait
wedding guests - in love
wedding group photo
wedding protography
funny wedding photo
wedding selfie
bride and groom Schlosshof
Bouquet - vintage look - wedding photo
bride and bouquet
detail of groom's flower
bride portrait - schlosshof
wedding dance
bride and groom Schlosshof - raining day
wedding group photo Schlosshof
funny wedding portrait photo
Interiors Schlosshof Festsaal - Hochziet
wedding decoration - Schlosshof
bride and grrom in interiors in Schlosshof
interiors in Schlosshof - Festsaal - Wedding decor
wedding at Schlosshof - dinner locality
bride detail
bride sitting
wedding sweet bar - wedding photo
bride with retro insta camera
dancing children
child at sweet bar
sweet bar - sweet cakes
wedding DJ with Apple
First dance Schlosshof
wedding cake - pink
cutting the wedding cake Schlosshof
wedding photos from Marchegg and Schlossshof

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