Schloss Krumbach

International wedding,
Rainbow, castle, fun, superman

Romanian German Wedding

Civil Ceremony | Castle | Lower Austria

International wedding Romanian German held in Austria. In Schloss Krumbach castle located in the market town of Krumbach in the state of Lower Austria (Niederösterreich Österreich) very near of Styria (Steiermark). It is pleasing to see almost a thousand years old castle still in operation. On such a location looks civil ceremony a little like a religious one. The location enhanced the atmosphere.

It was already a little chilly autumn, but just before the dinner a rainbow appeared in the sky. All the super-spider-bad and other man as all men enjoyed that moment. Weather proofs not only spoil but also to please wedding day.

Marek & Klara

Schloss Krumbach - Hozchzeitslocation
way to wedding is hard
Schloss Krumbach - Hozchzeitslocation
standesamtliche trauung Schloss Krumbach
photojournalistic wedding photography
standesamtliche trauung Schloss Krumbach
standesamtliche trauung
kinder Hochzeit
standesamtliche trauung Schloss Krumbach
kid on hochzeit
kid on hochzeit
Schloss Krumbach - Hozchzeitslocation
hochzetskonfetty rose
hochzetskonfetty rose
hochzeit schloss krumbach
fine art krumbach hochzeits - konfetty
bride and firstmaids
heart konfetty detail
red shoes
fine art hochzeitsfoto Krumbach
herz braut
smiling guest
pictures of guests in frame
pictures of guests in frame
pictures of guests in frame
hochzeits superman bräutigam
batman hochzetsfun
hochzeit schloss krumbach - groppen foto- hochzeitsfotograf
rainbow wedding krumbach
rainbow wedding krumbach
hochzeits service Schloss Krumbach
hochzeits lebensmittel
running boy
wedding photos from Schloss Krumbach

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