River's Club - City Center Bratislava

Rainy wedding, City center,
Fun, Dance, Fun, Dance, Drinks

Great Wedding day in Bratislava

Civil Ceremony | Fun | River's Club

Slovak wedding in Bratislava, River's Club is kind of bout docked on river Danube. Place with nice panorama view of Bratislava. Bride spent significant time with planning the couple photos, but the weather makes its own scenario – rain, again.

We love to shot rainy weddings, but they are more challenging for the couples. Groom Martin, has enjoyed the photoshooting as no other groom ever. No matter the weather, if there is a good mood all is going smooth. The wedding party was great, se it on the video from this wedding.

Marek & Klara

bride almost ready - wedding photography
bride and groom in Bratislava
portrait bride - bratislava wedding
bride and groom walking - Bratislava city center
photojournalistic wedding photography Bratislava Slovakia
funny wedding photo
portrait groom - Bratislava
portrait groom - detail
happy bride - Bratislava Old Town - Wedding Photography
wedding couple - Bratislava vinatge city
walking through Old Town Bratisalva - Rainy Wedding
black a white wedding photo Bratislava
black and white wedding portrait - perfect Bride
Documentary Wedding Photography Bratistava - Slovakia
Candid Wedding Photography Bratistava - Slovakia
Wedding Photography - moments
Svadobny fotograf Bratislava
Svadobny fotograf Bratislava
groom having a fun
wedding documentary photographer Slovakia
Rainy wedding day - Svadobny fotograf Bratislava
bride and groom
running in rainy wedding day with umbrella
bride and groom having beer
bouquet and beer
bouquet on vintage table
bride checking her dress
wedding emotions - checking the weather
fine art wedding photographer slovakia
moment - candid wedding photographye
bride's legs
bride in the mirror
beautiful bride under light
wine drinker - groom
walking in City Center Bratislava - wedding
walking in a rain - wedding
walking in a rain - wedding in Bratislava Old Town
photojounalistic wedding photo Slovakia - documentary
funny groom - Bratislava UFO bridge
funny wedding moment - unusuall weeding photography
wedding portrait Bratislava
wedding portrait Bratislava - bride
groom holding wedding dress
bride and groom in Bratislava Old Town - National Teather
bride and groom - wedding photography
bride - wedding photographer Slovakia Bratislava
bride in wedding car - black and white
entering ceremony
wedding musician Bratislava - harpha
wedding at River's Club Bratislava
wedding congratulations at River's Club Bratislava
first maid
wedding child congratulations at River's Club Bratislava
wedding habits and traditions Slovakia
wedding guest at River's Club
nice woman legs - wedding
wedding moment - River's Club Slovakia
traditional wedding traditions
wedding musician - violin
Portrait - Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Slovakia Bratislava
details - wedding rings
Portrait bride
wedding moment - wedding photographer
wedding musicians River's Club Bratislava
wedding guest making fun
wedding River's Club Bratislava
child on wedding
Wedding group photo Bratislava
child on wedding
wedding guest having fun - posing photo
wedding drinks
nice child
wedding portrait
River's Club Bratislava - wedding locality
first dance River's Club Bratislava
wedding dance - natural light wedding photography
wedding couple dance - natural light wedding photography
wedding dance - black and white photo
wedding at River's Club Bratislava - interiors
wedding dance - special photography
wedding dance - emotional dance
wedding dance - groom dancing crazy
wedding at River's Club Bratislava - Castle night View
wedding Bratislava- Castle night View
Castle Bratislava - night view
fireworks on wedding Bratislava
wedding guest looking for a drink
wedding dance
wedding hat dance - wedding traditions
child sleeping on a wedding
groom with hat
dancing legs - detail
wedding photos from River's Club and City Bratislava

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