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Steps to finding Wedding Photo & Video services

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The boom in wedding photo business during recent years caused a tough competition. What brings a lot of options for customer. But the quantity of offers makes your decision harder. Mainly if you are not an enthusiastic amateur photographer or have just limited experiences in photography. We have prepared a short manual how to choose your wedding photographer. Before you start to look for a wedding photographer or videographer set up couple of criterions, priorities and answer couple of questions:

• managing the wedding with wedding planner? Require recommendations,
• will photos just from wedding guests satisfy you?
• documentary or posed photos, what do you like more?
• style of photography, each photographer has typical "handwriting", describe what you like,
• is wedding photography your top priority? Luxury honeymoon will not secure you great wedding pictures :-)
• price, what budget do you plan for wedding photography?
• wedding video, do you need video service too?

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It makes your decision process faster if you know exactly what are you looking for. Look for wedding photographers only. Landscape, child or act photographer is great for landscape, child and act photography. Check the portfolio or info what is the photographer about. Try to verbalize your needs and wishes and put them on paper.

marek valovic wedding photographer video maker austria

Now start the research, we would recommend you following order:

• ask your family and friends you trust. Mouth is the best propaganda, e.g. we have about 60% of reference weddings.
• check the internet. Google is a good friend and provide you tons of options to choose from, select your top 5 photographers.
• exhibition and magazines -  this is time consuming but you never know.

ledder photographer taking wedding grroup photo Vienna
wedding videographer in Lisa Alm - Flachau
action wedding photographer

Once you have chosen your top group of photographers contact them, ask for availability, price and details. Some photographers may be reserved already and sometimes your sixth sense helps you choose the right one. Add one more criterion if you cannot decide. Wait one or two days if you still hesitate. If you know the right one, confirm him your decision, attend personal meeting, pay deposit and dates is just yours. Then you can focus on other vendors. Below we prepared for you links for topic - how to find wedding photographer or videographer. We hope this helps you.

running wedding photographer
wedding photographer Austria Vienna
tired wedding photographer - film photography Austria
wedding photographer Salzburg
hochzeitsfotograf Wien Pfarrwirt
hochzeitsfotograf Schloss Halbturn
profesional wedding photographer Vienna
profesional wedding photographer on a ladder taking photos - Schloss Halbturn
Profesional Wedding video film - documentary and reportage - best weddign film
wedding photographer in action - Schloss Halbturn
wedding photographer in action - Vienna
obermayerhofen wedding photo - top photographer
Schloss Altenhof wedding dance - Wedding photogrpaher on top
wedding photographers photos - weddings in Austria

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