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Traditional wedding Austria
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Jewell of Lower Austria

Church Ceremony | Lower Austria

Wedding at Stift Göttweig promised an interesting experience. Stifft Göttweig is a jewell of Lower Austria (Niererösterreich) located about one hour by car from Vienna. Long religious ceremony is great for wedding documentary mainly when we cover still and motion pictures in parallel. The

interiors of the church

are majestic. The history of the location dates back to 11. century.

Agape (cocktail hour) and balloons release take some time, we have used remaining time for fine art photography. There are really very nice corners but the full schedule forced as back to documentary - speeches, dinner, dancing, cake cutting, throwing bouquet, habits and games. Klaus the groom had a great solo in

playing the drums

, he is a passionate drummer.

See the wedding photos from this wedding - Stift Göttweig wedding photos. This was well balanced wedding, organized by Gerda the bride. It was a nice Austrian wedding with everything that belongs to the wedding.

Marek & Klara

MarTinka from on Vimeo.

"short" version of wedding from Stift Göttweig

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