Getting Ready

This post covers preparations of bride & groom
for big day. Check the part not hidden behind closed door.

Bride & Groom

Make up | Dressing | Shawing

First part of wedding schedule photographer starts with is usually preparation or Getting Ready. Bride and Groom prepare for the wedding day. Make up, hair style, wearing the wedding dress. At this point we have big advantage of second photographer. Some couples do not see each other before the ceremony begins. It means getting ready at separate locations at the same time. One photographer would hardly manage to capture both. Two photographers are more flexible to simultaneously capture both  situations. Preparation takes from one hour to couple of hours. Groom need less time and support while bride spent longer time and needs assistants, usually family members or friends.This moment repeat just once and is worth to be part of storytelling wedding documentary. See the gallery of selected getting ready situations.

Marek & Klara 

bride going to bathroom with wedding gress
wedding dress hangs on lights
lady in red dress getting ready in mirror
groom shaving best man checking
bride checking make up in the mirror
bride getting ready spray hair style
wedding preparation bride in the mirror happy face
bride wearing wedding dress without bra
bride wearing white wedding shoes
bride's happy moment while getting ready
groom repairs wedding dress
garter on the thigh
sitting bride getting ready
bride having make up and hair curlers
bride wearing ear ring
make up bride
hair style bride
groom tie the tie
manual to tie the tie for groom
bride's lips green dress
bride wearing earrings
make up detail
bride wearing wedding dress rose in the hair
make up detail bride
bride mirrors make up
weddign dress in the window
bride getting ready
bride checking her wedding dress
getting ready in bathroom silhouettes
bride mirror make up getting ready
bride dress finishing
happy groom getting ready
happy bride getting ready
bride wearing shoes
wearing wedding dress four hands
groom shaving
groom shoes getting ready
bride wearing dress thru the head
wearing the earrings mirror
groom shoes tie laces
bride getting ready hot day
bride and groom getting ready
bride and groom getting ready moments
bride ready for the wedding
groom ironing his tie
bride looking in the mirrors
not ready yet
cleaning the shoes
wearing the earring detail
wearing the net
greeom gatting ready - tie
groom wearing the wrist watch
bride perfume
bride lacquer hair
bride make up
bride getting ready
groom getting ready mirror
high bride getting ready mirror
high groom getting ready mirror
blue garter on the thigh
groom tie the tie
groom mirror green tie
groom tie the tie in the mirror
bride taking wedding dress
red wedding shoes
photos from getting ready - Austrian and Slovak weddings

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