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Wedding details

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Part of photojournalistic documentary are also photos of wedding details a decorations. Usually we do not style them. We capture the situation as it is. Editorial photography - frequently used to enhance portfolio - is often used as inspiration and key "storytelling  photos" of many wedding portals. Pictures in this gallery are from real weddings from real situations - one chance to take the picture, challenging light conditions and limited time.
Typical wedding colors are purple, gold, red, pink or white but also blue or green. See the variety of wedding shoe color, bouquets and decorations. Inspire for your wedding, atmosphere of wedding day cannot be repeated any other day. During the day you perceive a lot of emotions, just after the wedding you realize how perfect your wedding day was...
Marek & Klara

wedding decoration Schloss Halbturn Austria
purple red bouquet
wedding chart table purple
wedding chart in chinese just married DIY
wedding chart Mr & Mrs
wedding chart date DIY
wedding paper mustache
wedding decoration - candle cake flower
wedding flower decoration on hand
wedding flower decoration
bouquet - white green pastel color
bouquet - white green pink - vintage style
bouquet - white green pink gold - vintage style
bouquet - long
bouquet - long
bouquet - blue white green
bouquet - purple colors
bouquet - vintage
bouquet - Halbturn
bouquet - blue
bouquet - pink
bouquet - white roses
bouquet - green
bouquet - green pink pastel color
bouquet - green
bouquet - pastel color
bouquet - white small
bouquet - white green simple
bouquet vintage retro
bouquet green white groom
bouquet green pink nice
bouquet green pink bigger
bouquet and white wedding shoes
white wedding shoes details
red and black wedding shoes details
green and black wedding shoes
red wedding shoes
wedding shoes groom tie laces
wedding shoes red
wedding shoes wearing
wedding shoes retro style vintage
wedding shoes groom and bride walking
gray wedding shoes groom
white wedding shoes bride
red wedding shoes bride having a fun
wearing wedding shoes
gray wedding shoes kenzo
bride wearing wedding shoes
wedding shoe stick between pawment
walking bride shoe detail
golden wedding shoe
white wedding shoes with pearls
wedding decoration Wotrubakirche Vienna
flower wedding decoration
purple flower wedding decoration
chinese wedding decoration
flower wedding decoration
big flower wedding decoration
small flower wedding decoration
dinner table wedding decoration
dinner table wedding chart
rose in the hair bride
flower in the hair bride
detail flower decor
flower decor church - wedding
flower decor  wedding
details decor wedding blue scarf on chair
hat on flowers
wedding decor terrace Europahous Vienna
fur das Brautpaar -  decor
Wedding rings and bouquet
Wedding rings and bouquet vintage
Wedding rings and bride
Wedding rings and groom
Wedding rings detail - white gold
Wedding rings detail - gold
flower for groom
flower for groom on the suit green pink
Wedding dinner Schloss Hetzendoft Vienna
wedding rings detail - daimon
Wedding dress white
Wedding dress white on the window
Wedding dress - getting ready
red shoes wedding dress
detail bride's and grom's shoes and bouquet
bouquet in nieche
photos of wedding details from Austrian and Slovak weddings

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