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Drinking on Wedding

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Think about wedding guest when preparing wedding schedule. One location weddings has easy situation but when you need to change more location during the wedding day you need to plan carefully. Cocktail hour or reception take place sometimes on the beginning when your wedding guests are gathering on location and it may happen after the ceremony and congratulations. We often use this time to take some couple shots while people relax, chat and drink. Champagne, wine and finger food is typical for weddings in Austria. In Slovakia for instance there used to be also sweet cakes and some stronger welcoming liquor. Here we coincide with the crowd and take reportage pictures. The first stress disappears and the wedding atmosphere just begin.
Marek & Klara 

wedding reception Weingut Hajszan Vienna - Agape
red wedding cocktail - reception
mother congratulate to son on wedding
smoking wedding guest
Roso Champagne Wedding reception - agape
wedding reception Europahous Orangery Vienna
wedding reception funny moment - Drinking
happy wedding guests - reception
rock in the shoe - balloons - wedding
reception - smiling quest
champagne cool wedding reception
cakes lemon wather
smiling wedding guest on reception
bolloons wedding decoration red hearts
wedding reception - agepe - bear
reception - nice girl
happy groom red cocktail
smiling man on reception
wedding paternts
drinking musician - reception - wedding
wedding reception Hall of Mirrors Cesky Krumlov
wedding reception Hall of Mirrors Cesky Krumlov
waiter champagne  flash panning photo
tilt shift lens canon 24mm f3.5L - wedding reception
confetti wedding reception
champagne reception wedding
champagne reception wedding - bride
b&W wedding reception
waiter champagne wedding
tilt shift lens canon 24mm f3.5L - Schloss Atlenhof
wedding gentlemen - reception
soldier - wedding reception
bride and groom wedding reception Altenhof
very long legs - wedding receptio Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna
champagne and juice
I come only for Beer - wedding reception
groom with champagne - wedding reception - Schloss Halbturn Burgenland
wedding reception Obermayerhofen - Austria
drinking wedding guest - reception
crying boy - wedding
fingerfood - wedding reception Vienna
cutting meat, wedding reception
wedding reception finderfood, agape
cutting meat for wedding reception
beautiful lady on wedding reception Weingut Cobenzl Vienna
smiling lady wedding reception Weingut Cobenzl Vienna
happy couple
Weingut Cobenzl Wien - wedding photographer
photos from wedding receptions - Austrian and Slovak weddings

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