Chateau Bela

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Fairytale Wedding in Slovakia

Civil Ceremony | Classical location

Wedding the historic Château Béla belongs to the fairytale weddings. This castle is located in the midst of the of Southern Slovakia. We started with getting ready in the interiors of the castle. Marianna the bride had a wedding dress from Vera wang. Ceremony, congratulations and dinner went very quickly. The staff and catering is on a top level there.

We again captured still and motion pictures in parallel so single location wedding was an advantage. See Special more emotionalwedding film and Standard wedding film. Day was finished by releasing of Chinese lanterns. Every lantern flew away with an unspoken wish. We all believe all of the wishes will come true.

Marek & Klara

svadovna lokalita Chateau Bela Slovansko
svadobna mama
deti na svadbe - oblecenie
svadobne saty Vera Wang - biele
priprava zenicha - holenie
Ave Gratia Plena
holenie zenicha v zrkadle
obliekanie zenicha
idealny zenich
zenich si dava pierko
svadovne vino szigeti
photojournalistic wedding photography
svadovna sala Chateu Bela
svadobny klobuk
svadobna kytica magenda a biela
dokoracia - laska - Chateau Bela
svadba chateau bela - svadobna miestnost
emocie na svadbe
nevesta podpisuje svadobnu zmluvu
gratulacie zenichovi
gratulacie svadba chateau bela
gratulacie neveste
svadba Chateau Bela
svadobny hostia v cervenom
svadobna obsluha kastiel Bela
spolocna fotka Chateau Bela - zahrada s fontanou
spolocna fotka Chateau Bela
svadobne tradicie rozbijanie taniera
svadobne tradicie rozbijanie taniera - zenich zamata
prenesenie nevesty cez prah - tradicia na svadbe
pekna zena na svadbe
deti na svadbe
svadobna hostina v Chateu Bela
deti na svadne - sranda
klasicka ziva hudba na svadbe - ciganska kapela
prvy tanec
pozovanie zenich a nevesta
pozovanie zenich a nevesta
fotenie na svadbe
kastiel bela svadba - fotograf
skupinove fotky - zenich a muzi
svadba v Chateu Bela
svadba v Chateu Bela
sranda na svadbe
skupinove rodinne fotky Chateau Bela
fotenie na svadbe
fotenie na svadbe
parik na svadbe
Svadobny fotograf Chateau Bela
Svadobny fotograf Chateau Bela
dieta na svadbe
reportazne svadobne fotenie
Svadba Chateau Bela - zenich s nevestou
zenich s nevestou
pomarancovnik a svadobna kytica
svadobna reportaz - storytelling
svadobna reportaz - storytelling
tancovanie - zenske nohy
svadobnr prstene v Chateau Bela
svadobna tanecna zabava v Chateu Bela
svadobna sala v Chateu Bela
svadobna torta
krajanie svadobnej torty
zakusky na svadbu
kavicka na svadbe
Svadobna sala v Chateu Bela
Svadobna sala v Chateu Bela - detail stropu
pustanie lampionov na svadne
lampiony stastia na svadbe
tanec zenicha a nevesty
wedding photos from Chateau Bela in Slovakia

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