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In this section you will learn about any
portrait possibility for business purposed, formal, natural, on location, groups.
See the gallery bellow and find differences between ambient light and creative flesh light used.
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Corporate portrait
Person | Group | On Location | Interior & Exterior | Formal
photo & video
  • formal business portrait on black backgroung Trustworthy Executive Look
Corporate Business Portraits | Austria & Slovakia

Do you need to Business Portrait?

We offer photos of a person or group of people to captures the personality of the subject. Ambient or effective lighting or background may be used. You can get formal headshots or more natural.
A portrait might be artistic, or from real life. It can serve many purposes, informative, lobby of a business or editorial.
We will need to take a proper equipment to capture exactly what you had requested. Read following lines and keep us informed prior to production.

I. Pre-Production

and define your needs. Let us know details to have all inputs for:

II. Production

Only after successful production we will finish all post-processes during last part:

where you get you final product.


To order us for any Portrait Session please let us know following:

1. address & date (where it takes place & when),

2. start & end time 

( what time you dedicated for Portrait Session)

3. delivery time for final pics. or video

(or other deadlines)

4. what style

(person, groups, exteriors or interiors, natural or staged... see bellow)

5. what result you like to get

(number of photos, length of video, any special editing)

6. are you looking for bargain or best service

(your budget or options)
Write e-mail or use form in contact section.
Note:Take time to define your goals only that helps us to reach them!
We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.

For smaller orders e-mails exchange works just fine for is, for bigger and more complex cases we may meet personally.

business portrait photographer services to meet your goals


Once we fully understand your needs we are ready to start portrait session.

Styles or Types or portrait sessions you can choose from


Portraits on location - indoors or outdoors, office, city, close to your office
Portrait on natural background - office, wall, exterior background...
Portrait on some artificial background - usually black or white
Portrait on ambient light - sunny or interiors available lighting
Portrait on set up lightning - flashes, video lights, reflex boards
Individual or Groups Portrait - individuals or any teams
Trustworthy Executive Look - serious just as it sounds, formal
Just Natural Portrait - whatever happens, you like it real & natural, action
Poetical Artistic Portrait - more creative portraits

Combine what best suits to your requirements. Time needed for production depends on number of persons and requested creativity - from 10’s 0f minutes to hours.

More time in production meant less time in post-production, what may finally brings better price (and result as well).


Our style

As mentioned above, natural environment, light and background and candid pictures works best for us. But (again the but) creative approach may help to meet your goals better when you search for something special. We construct an idea of trustworthy executive or even romantic portrait.
  • portrait photographer bratislava
portraits on ambient lignt & set up lighting


By default we use latest digital cameras, but or request as extra feature we can use also traditional analogue film cameras. This need to be discussed prior to the action. This is more for photo enthusiastic or to reach real old fashion look.

What you get | Editing

As a result you will get sets of pictures in full and web resolution in jpeg format. Each photo is edited to its final look. Special advanced editing like photo montages or any “photoshoping” is extra feature you can order separetely.

Our “handwriting”

Equivalent for portrait still pictures might be personal interview in motion pictures, one person or group of persons. There we see the same principles like in photography. Set up of the scene for motion pictures is more challenging... Over all process of production is different as audio takes a part and calm location is a must.

Beside basic info about timing and your goals we need to know some more details for video.

-think about the documentary mode that suit most your needs
-How much of ambient audio (speeches, noises, music) would you need?
-What about background music? (mind legal rights for non private use)
-Any titles? Vote of thanks, acknowledgment or list of participants?
-What length of video you need?
-Need 4k of just Full HD?
video - Slovak Olympic Shooters

Our Gear

For videos we use DSLRs, for audio external device. Editing (trimming, color correction, ...) is integral part of any offer unless we agree other way. No special CG (computer generated) effect are part of standard editing.


Editing and any post-processes are inevitable part of any production for event photography or video. Editorial or Journalistic photos may have different post-processes depending on your actual requests so may not be fully finished by us.
This part is most demanding for time, especially video, so it takes more time the production. May takes days or weeks.

Synergize services to be cost effective: Regular business vs. one time action, Photo & Video together, Event documentary & Portrait Session, Got Editorial from Event documentary or Portrait Session.
- pictures -
Gallery | Portraits | Business | Sport

See the difference between ambient light and set up light as well as natural photo vs. "studio" shots.
portrait on set up light, white backgroung, montage
Danka Barteková | Set up light used, montage, special editing
portrait montage from multiple photos | photographer Austria & Slovakia
Danka Barteková | portrait, set up light, montage
portrait on black background, set up lights, natural pose
Danka Barteková | portrait, set up light, black backgroung
 business portrait freelance photography | Slovakia
Danka Barteková | portrait, set up light, montage from muliple photos
sport portrait photography | Slovakia
Marián Kovačócy | portrait of sportsman
sport portrait photo Slovakia
Erik Varga | portrait of sportsman
sport portrait photo Slovakia
Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková | portrait

Formal Business headshots | White or black background

corporate headshot - formal portrait-businessman
corporate headshot - formal portrait
corporate headshot - formal portrait
corporate headshot - formal portrait - Bratislava business photographer
corporate headshot - formal portrait - Vienna business photographer
corporate headshot - formal portrait - excutive look  freelance
corporate headshot - formal portrait
corporate headshot - formal portrait
corporate headshot - formal portrait-Vienna-Austria
corporate headshot - formal portrait
corporate headshot - formal portrait-body
corporate headshot - formal portrait

Sport events |  Documentary | Ambient light used | Exteriors

MarTinka from stillandmotionpictures.com on Vimeo.

video - interview & documentary

Natural Portraits | Exteriors | Ambient light

natural portrait exterior
Danka Barteková | natural portrait
detail - Slovakia olympic team London 2012 Tshirt
natural portrait on real environment
Danka Barteková | natural portrait on real environment
natural portrait from real action
Danka Barteková | natural portrait from real action
natural portrait lens flares
Danka Barteková | lens flares
natural portrait - Slovakia
Erik Varga | natural portrait
natural | storytelling portrait  freelance
Erik Varga | storytelling portrait

Video |  Poetical emotional fiction | Ambient light used

MarTinka from stillandmotionpictures.com on Vimeo.

video - art style

Creative professional portraits | Interior | White or black background | Artificial light

creative-professional-portrait - Bratislava business photographer
creative-professional-portrait- Vienna business photographer
creative-professional-portrait-girl with books
corporate headshot-landscape-girl-flying hairsV ienna Austria

Creative professional portraits | Exterior | Natural background | Ambient light

creative-professional-portrait-exterior-ambient-light- Vienna business photographer
creative-professional-portrait-exterior-ambient-light- nice girl
creative-professional-portrait-exterior-ambient-light-jumping girl
creative-professional-portrait-fun-jumping girl

Everybody is great actor but just until observes a camera!

  • promotional-photography-chocolate-egg
Got a Business related question? Let us know following info to get a quote:

1. start & end time for us (how long you need us),
2. delivery time for final pics. or video (or other deadlines),
3. brief schedule of your wishes (plan of the event, scenario..)
4. requested style (documentary, art, portraits, acting scenes)
5. what result you like to get (number of photos, length of video, any special editing)
6. are you looking for bargain or top service (your budget or options)

Call:    00421 918 560 500
Write: business@stillandmotionpictures.com

Check Event documentary, Portrait, Editorial or Photojournalism section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section.

We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.
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