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Yasmin Kosice

This wedding at

Hotel Yasmin in Košice

is another example of our wedding is Eastern Slovakia. Both Petra and Tomáš are living


and working in Prague, but for the wedding they choose hometown - the city where they were born. Rain was rotated by sunny


weather that day. The St. Elisabeth Cathedral (Dóm svätej Alžbety) was originally planned for religious ceremony, but


reconstruction did change the plans. The ceremony took place in Františkánsky seminárny kostol (The Franciscan Church



For transportation they used nice veteran car, you can smell the car sooner thay you see it :-) but the feeling from such an old


car is unique. Young wedding quests keep the fun atmosphere on the wedding party. Then all wedding guests enjoy it best.


Typically for

Slovak wedding

, on the midnight took place traditions (Čepčenie and Redový tanec) and bride change into women.

Marek & Klara

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