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Vienna - Bisamberg - Tuttendorfl

Couple weeks after the civil ceremony -

20. Bezirk (Standesamt) in Vienna and garden of Porzelanmanufaktur

- we were ready to


take pictures of religious ceremony day.  Actually in Austria you can have two weddings because only civil marriage ceremonies


are legal in Austria, although they may be followed by religious ceremonies if desired.

We started with getting ready at Vienna in very nice apartment. Moving to church in Bisamberg for the ceremony was quite fast,


one would hardly believe that just couple of kilometers from Vienna you can find scuch a calm village. Agape was carried ouin the


Heurigen Friedberger

that is just a stone's throw from the church. Dinner took place in

Donau Restaurant Tuttendorfl


Finally rainy day has changed to pleasant sunny day. Fine art photography took place in one garden just nearby, so we totally


have changed five locations during the day.  Here I would like to point out how important the wedding planning is. Susanne from had a consultation meeting with this young couple during the planning what was reflected in the smooth


running of whole wedding day.

Marek & Klara

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Hochzeitskleid auf dem Fenster
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Hochzeit Traditionen, Schreiben Gruß an einem Buch
Hochzeitsauto Jaguar detail
Braut und Bräutigam posieren im Garten
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sun umbrella wedding - bride in the garden
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Tuttendorfl garden
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Hochzeitsessen - Restaurant Tuttendörfl
Essen - Restaurant Tuttendörfl
Restaurant Tuttendörfl - Ort für Hochzeitsfeier in der Nähe von Wien
Restaurant Tuttendörfl - Ort für Hochzeitsfeier
go one step backward