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Planning wedding photography

Before a customer decides for our services we met personally. We answer all questions and we ask some, actually we cover


whole wedding day schedule. In case the customer use wedding planner for their wedding we cooperate together to fit the


schedule. From photographer point of view we divided the wedding day into following milestones:

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make up details
blue vintage car wedding Bratislava
groom signing ceremony
congratulation emotional
red balloons hearts
wedding group photo Vienna
wedding dinner moments
wedding deco table
smoking wedding guest
wedding dance
traditional wedding dancers
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1. getting ready & preparation
2. wedding transportation
3. civil & religious ceremonies
4. congratulations & greetings

5. reception cocktail hour agape
6. wedding group photos
7. dinner food & drinks
8. decorations bouquet rings
9. guests kids & speeches

10. dancing & first dance
11. cake & habits traditions
12. venue locality

By default we focus on each milestones equally, we take the key story as well as the story behind. Incoming wedding guests or


kids playing in church during the ceremony. Naturally we are oriented on reportage, we document each moments and situation.


We capture also decorations and details, but ongoing story has always higher priority. We need some inputs from you here.What


your prioritization is - each wedding is different there is no universal template - however we split our effort the way you requests it.

If you prefer to have just stylized photos and some details there you can find photographer specialized on posing only. Ratio


between documentary and fine art photos depends on the schedule timing, your wishes and preferences. Wedding photos have


to show your character rather than character of someone else. We love to captures unique moments that are not just copies of


someone else’s wedding. 

getting ready & preparation
wedding transportation
civil & religious ceremonies
congratulations & greetings
reception cocktail hour agape
wedding group photos
dinner food & drinks
decorations bouquet rings
guests kids & speeches
dancing & first dance
cake & habits traditions
venue locality