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Austria & Slovakia | Wedding Season 2019
Prices are includind VAT | Do not Share Please
4 hrs.
6 hrs.
7 hrs.
8 hrs.
9 hrs.
10 hrs.
11 hrs.
12 hrs.
1 140
1 350
1 560

1 750

1 940

2 110

2 280

2 450

2 620
1 180
1 390
1 610

1 820

1 990

2 190

2 370

2 540

2 720
1 740
1 990

2 380

2 670

2 950

3 230

3 490

3 750

3 990

Included in prices:

• two photographers or videographers (Marek & Klara, ability to capture on two places simultaneously)
• editing of all final photos in color and black & white modification in full resolution (300 to 1000+ photos)

fully edited one version of video in Full HD and HD resolution,

(10 to 15 minutes long)

background music for video according your choice, any titles or logos if required

unlimited copies for photos or video

(allowed worldwide)

all results online and on USB memory stick

our transport cost for Austria or Slovakia

all prices including VAT

Extra features:

Customize your wedding service. Not each feature is for everyone, just choose the right option to meet your wedding ideas.

workout and first printout of photobook


for small or


for big

(other printouts for the cost of print)

hybrid photography


(digital plus analogue photography on film (35mm) color or black and white)

4k video


(DCP 4096x2160 or UHD 3840x2160)

"long" video


(long include more speeches, 20 - 30 min. long, better for higher packages, shortcut version included)

vintage dreamed video


(short poetical movie, captured separately by special way, suits also short weddings)

bonus video material


(best for long, big and well scheduled weddings)

extra day of Photo OR video


, Photo & Video


(if chosen any wedding package, couple photos or so.)


Why 2 photographers?

There are two big advantages for two photographers (or videographers), ability to capture on two places simultaneously (like getting ready, or transportation..) and possibility to carry more lenses and equipment. This will result in better result and fluent the process.

Is analogue film photography better then digital?

Well if you need to ask this question, you would better stay with digital photography. Analogue photography is not as sharp and not as good in low light but has some organic magic feel. Hybrid photography (digital + analogue) is for enthusiastic than love old films.

How many photobooks can be ordered and when?

There is a lot of things to do before wedding, photobook is one of a little activities than can be moved after the wedding. Once you have all done and see finale pictures you can decide what you want. Couples order typically three photobooks.

Is 4k video better than Full HD?

Full HD has resolution 1920x1080, current TV broadcast is SD 567 or HD 720 lines. 4k resolution is 2160 lines. Full HD 1080 can be played on any PC, phone or TV today, for 4k you may need very strong PC with 4k monitor and 4k TV set. There are no phones with real 4k monitors yet. Full HD 1080 is still more practical nowadays. 4k captures more detail but generates huge files and cost a little more. If you understand all this detail and are surrounded with latest gadgets you are ready for 4k.

Do we need your "long" video?

Our "long" video includes more scenes from speeches or ceremony, if you like such a moments, it is feature for you. Someone may find it boring in dynamic modern video, someone see it as unforgettable memories captured for the future. Not all is possible to capture. Especially in the church, we are open to communicate your ideas prior to wedding. Together with "long" version you get also on shortcut video up to 10 minutes long.

What it is Bonus video?

Especially during big and long weddings that are well scheduled we capture more video materials that is possible to implement into one logical video. Some scenes do not suit the key story (too funny or too private, emotional, back
stage from the day and so..
) but we have the material. In Bonus video we can summarize these shots into standalone clip or clip after the final titles. Into Bonus material belongs also audio of all speeches or ceremony.

How can we book your services?

Check our work and prices, make your decision and let us know your wedding date, locality, brief schedule, package and extras you choose. Write or call, do not hesitate to ask or add your ideas.

tel.:       +421 918 560 500

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