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Wedding dinner - food - drinks

WARNING! LEAVE THIS GALLERY IF YOU ARE HUNGRY! Only for fully fed otherwise you will be experiencing torture here :-)


Wedding dinner

is high point of wedding. After a long busy day everyone deserve a small reward. See the differences in tastes,


colors and quantities.

Roast pig

, pork, beef, fish, dumpling, chicken, garnish platters, cheese, grapes, sweet savoury, desserts,


coffee… well the words are useless here, check the pictures. Let's eat with your eyes.



Marek & Klara 

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wedding dinner dumpling
wedding dinner light vegetable salad
wedding dinner sweet cakes
wedding dinner garnish platter
wedding dinner beef and dumpling
wedding dinner garnish platter - cheese and grapes
wedding dinner garnish platter cheese and bunch on grapes
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wedding dinner
wedding main course - fish
ham - garnish platter - wedding
wedding main course - beef steak
wedding appetizer - ham cheese vegetable
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Wedding main course - filled dumpling
Wedding main course
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wedding main course - duck and dumpling
wedding appetizer - fish
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wedding menu Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna
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wedding main course - duck and dumpling
wedding main course - fish
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wedding roast pig pork - Vienna - Schloss Atlenhof
preparing port meat for wedding dinner
wedding roast pig pork - Vienna
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wedding dinner Bratislava Castle - table
wedding dinner Bratislava Castle
wedding dinner Cesky Krumlov
wedding dinner Schloss Hetzendorf
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waiter moving fast - Tuttendorfl - Austria - wedding photographer
waiter check the food for wedding dinner
waiter moving fast - Obermayerhofen - Butterfly hall
waiter moving fast - wedding photographer
wedding dinner ready use
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waiter appetizer
Tuttendorfl wedding dinner
drinking wedding menu - surprice
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drinking on wedding - Palais Niederosterreich Vienna
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go one step backward
Retaurant Tuttendorfl - wedding
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Schonbrunn Orangery Vienna
restaurant Bratislava castle
Wedding dinner Schloss Altenhof
Wedding dinner Stift Gottweig
Wedding dinner Palais Niederosterreich Vienna
Wedding dinner - young girls
Wedding dinner - alcohol and juice
sweet wedding dessert- savoury
Wedding dinner Schloss Hetzendoft Vienna