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Modra Harmonia - Cinema - Vintage

Ivana planned her wedding long time before the wedding. She with support of her sister prepared everything in every detail. There


is nothing better than passionate bride with love in the photo. Our cameras were in full operation all the time to capture as many


moments as possible. You can see the

wedding pictures

from this wedding right here - Modra Wedding Photography.

Getting ready took place in


, cocktail hour and ceremony in Modra Harmónia. Dinner and celebration performed in hotel


Sebastian located in Modra city center.


Weddings with multiple locations challenge us, espetially when we in parallel capture still and

motion pictures

. We as last leave


from one location and as the first coming in new location. This is essential approach for wedding documentary. See how it looks


when I am in hurry - captured by my wife Klara while bore 20 kilos of lenses and cameras :-) . One would hardly believe it but the


sun went down "early" on fulfilling all expectations planned for this day. Time goes faster during the wedding day. Let's remember


this fact when making your wedding schedule. See standard wedding film here. See Vintage version below.

Marek & Klara

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