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Wedding photography & video prices

Prices for wedding photography starts at 1240€ for „short“ photo documentary of wedding day. „Short“ is defined not just how long


it takes but also by number of wedding quests, localities, wedding Schedule and final output.

Wedding video film starts at the same level as photography. For some combinations you can order both services photography


and video together. To provide you final price for your wedding we would need to know:

     1. Wedding date

     2. Wedding localities, hotel, church, castle...

     3. Brief Wedding Schedule with key milestones

     4. Estimated number of wedding guests

     5. Just digital photography or also analog film photography?

     6. Any photobooks required?

     7. Long video (20 to 30 min.) film or short (10 to 15 min.) overview of the day?

     8. Also dreamy vintage video film, about 5 minutes emotional film?

     9. Any extra day - civil ceremony or rendezvous?

If you are just completing your wedding plan and do not know all the details yet, we can provide you estimated price range from


1240€ for short basic documentary photography to 5500€ for long all inclusive photography and video.

In case you hired wedding planner, send us also her or his contact. If not and still bother with wedding Schedule let us know, we


can help you to prepare the wedding plan. It is paid extra and is fully refundable from final price.

If you are asking what are the benefits of analog film photography, you would better stay with digital only. Digital is sharper, better


in lowlight and finally cheaper.

Photography and video can be ordered in

basic or all inclusive configuration

. Basic covers color modification on USB stick or


DVD, for video it is short video overview. All inclusive include other color modifications (B&W), workout and printouts of


photobooks, protected web galleries, high resolution analog film scans and second photographer. You can have long and short


video versions together with dreamy vintage or also bonus (behind the story) video material.

We prefer

natural documentary

. We do not need to prepare any scenario unless you plan couple photos - fine art photography -


that needs planed time slots and locations. Motion pictures look best just as it actually happens with no acting. We can cover


whole day, from preparation to dancing, day light and dark interiors, key story and behind the stage. We can cover two localities


at the same time. Analog film requires day light, sunny day is best - unless you are real analog film lover loving grainy pics.

Majority of our colleagues focus for staged photography. You can easily recognize - they have more details, staged corners


photos and actors instead of real wedding couples. They do prefer staged photos but less or no documentary. If you prefer staged


photography only, look for specialist.

Check our blog and galleries before you request for the price. Get familiar with our style. If you see the value in our work, then feel


free to require for a quote. We are here to meet your wishes, give as the reasons to give you perfect price.



Marek & Klara

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