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Weinkendorf - Parkschlössl  - Vienna

Probably largest music band we have ever had on the wedding yet. Smart and obeying orders doing honor to their uniforms.


Exactly as groom Andreas.

Religious ceremony

was in little village Weinkendorf located

Lower Austria (Nieredösterrech)



from Vienna. Local Weinkendorf church is classical one. Julia from was just finishing church decoration


when we arrived. She has been managing all this wedding. As usually all went smooth. Army band has done a great job. A little


surprising was revelation of church mouse during the ceremony :-).

Celebration and dinner in

Parkschloessl Vienna

had a pleasant atmosphere. It was Polish Austrian wedding with tons of food and


drinks... Andreas the groom surprised Elize the bride and all others by taking microphone and singing a song. Unfortunately we


were not covering video for this wedding, it would be heartbreaking part of the wedding film.

Marek & Klara

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