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Castle Fricovce

Eastern Slovakia is not our main destination but from to time we have the opportunity to visit this region. Wedding at




  (Castle Fričovce) is one example. Both bride Marcela and groom Fero live in Bratislava, but their roots reach to this part


of Slovakia. Church at Fričovce is not big one, but is the place (see first picture) where is located is charming.

This day was sunny and warm, but once we entered the castle for the dinner there broke out the heavy storms outside. We have


done fine art pictures as the couple was available and majority of quests had not arrived yet. If there is action and nice locality we


prefer documentary. By this manner you get natural story telling pictures. You do not need neither plan nor manage it. This is


wedding photojournalism or wedding documentary

as we call it.

Marek & Klara

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go one step backward