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Wedding ideas, poses & accessories

If you expect us to introduce you a

typical wedding poses

here, you may be a little disappointed. Wedding day is unique day,


like no other day and you are unique too. Almost each part of the day has distinguishing features that cannot be repeated any


other day. Bride's and Groom's families meet usually for first time, everywhere are wedding vendors serving for you, wedding


"stress", congratulations, speeches, dinner... You - Bride & Groom - are the focal point of the day, everyone wants to see you,


meet you, chat with you. These moments are worth to be captured as they naturally flow.

But you can make the day even more beautiful, nice wedding dresses, perfect


, flowers everywhere and use some


accessories. You can style your day in one of many

wedding themes

- vintage style, retro, rustic, local traditions,


boho,bohemian, outdoor, offbeat, modern or even eco-friendly or budget oriented. Any accessories in your chosen style may be


used by you and wedding guests during the day. Chinese umbrellas, funny corner, retro bicycle, vintage car, Vespa bike, tables


with highlights, balloons, lanterns, petals, rice or bubble blowers. People will naturally use it when prepared correctly and we can


take natural pictures without any special requests for posing. This is the same approach we prefer for couple photos. We like the


idea when things go spontaneously. Think about it while preparing the wedding schedule. If there are nice locations just plan


some slots to have the time to relax and take some more pictures there. Here we can distinguish two kind of customers:

  • first do not plan any special actions, just believe that the life is director good enough. They get more photojournalistic,


    reportage pictures where the photographing subjects are not camera aware.

  • second plan carefully time slots usually during the cocktail hours for the couple photos or "action" pictures. If you prepare

    the conditions, people will spontaneously join the action and start to use the accessories to have a fun.

We are never pushing you or your guests for anything they have not started. We support any ideas to make the day more


interesting for you. This means variety of diverse photos for you. In this page you can find

Real Wedding pictures

. Comparing to


inspiration editorial pictures

where the model is not a real bride we feel a spirit and soul in real wedding moments - you just


cannot on the request act the interplay of emotions.

We see each couple as unique one, wedding day is not Acting School. If you decide to use our services we meet personally


before the wedding and you got a clear idea what the posing in wedding photography mean. Any imperfection or shines in


wedding photography is better than forced poses.

Wedding photos have to show your character rather than character of someone else.

Marek & Klara

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