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Hochzeitshummel in action

Alongside to the wedding photographers are the

wedding planners

spending most of the wedding day with the bride and the


groom. Exactly as photographer documenting the day needs planner reach the wedding locations before the action take actually


place. Planner needs to check, prepare and decorate the locality. On the other hand someone needs to be close where ongoing


story takes place - Hence why the team of wedding planners is needed for bigger wedding. We as photographers use the same


approach to be on two locations at the same time.

For the

Wedding documentary

it is necessary to cover fully wedding day, each situations each participants - wedding planners


are not exceptions. Look on the behind the scenes photos of Susanne Hummel's wedding agency -


Susanne and Julia with team preparing and managing weddings in Wotrubakirche, Shönbrunn Orangery, Weinkendorf,


Parschlössl, Schloss Halbturn and Weingut Hajszan in Vienna.

Marek & Klara

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