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go one step backward

Wedding guests - kids - speeches

Guests are indivisible part of the wedding. Unless we agree any other way we focus to capture each

wedding guest

. The story


that is happening behind Bride's and Groom's back is for us - as wedding photographers - very important. It allows us to complete


you fully storytelling documentary.


take part after or during the dinner. Sometimes the speech takes 5 minutes and sometimes over an hour. Video


captures better atmosphere during the speeches, anyway check the gallery and remember that kids being kids.



Marek & Klara

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wedding kid being kid - fighter
wedding kid being kid
wedding kid being kid - bloody nouse
wedding kid - wanna dog - Altenhof
wedding kid - jumping
wedding kid - crying
kid surprise
wedding kid laughing
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drinking kid
hi what are you doing - kid on the wedding
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kid flip-flap
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kid swinging on rocker - flip-flap
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running kid
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retro smart boy - wedding Chateau Bela
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kids sitting on a chain
rainy wedding - running kid
bitte pssst - quite please
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beautiful girl smoking cigarette
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kiss me - who are you?
wedding guests posing
funny wedding - superman
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wedding guests during ceremony - Krumbach
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look balloons
wedding guests - tired
kid and red wedding cocktail
grandma sleeping on ceremony
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she want photo he does not
my darling
wedding guest at wedding reception
beautiful lady smoking
wedding guest - Halbturn
wedding guest - singing
go one step backward
three maids on the weddings
kid checking ceremony
kid congratulating bride
what the hell is that
kid hidden under table
wedding speech written on manual from bicycle
wedding speech Schonbrunn Orangery
wedding speech Schloss Halbturn
boring kid - wedding ceremony Schloss Krumbach
Wedding dinner - alcohol and juice
washing hand - wedding
wedding speech Schloss Halbturn - bestman
kid checking camera
kid posing on balloon
good boy good
wedding guest "from another planet"
kid schowing stomach
perfect family - wedding guests
sweet little kid
ballerina on wedding
a perfect couple
small cute boy
very tired wedding guest - to much drinks