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Wedding transportation - Vintage cars - Bicycles

Transportation during wedding day on a vintage car has not only visual but also practical effect. You need transport for wedding with more locations anyway, so renting a car with chauffeur looks like great solution. We need to move to other location too we use our car, but one of us can join you to take documentary pictures from your journey. If the car is available afterwards we can more...

Wedding transportation
Wedding ceremony - civil & religious - Vienna Austria

Ceremony is a key milestone of wedding day. Photojournalistic documentary photography is best option to capture these moments. Unobtrusive observer capturing the event just as it happen using ambient light. It is the way we like it. Civil ceremony (Standesamt) takes just about 20 minutes so we have to be quite effective to take photo of the couple, quests and location more...

Wedding ceremony
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Wedding congratulations - greetings

Congratulations used to take place directly after ceremony. Spontaneous and from the heart, you cannot plan it in details. It just starts and it is full of emotions. Family and friend needs to share their feelings with newlyweds and wish them all the best. It takes 20 to 30 minutes, big wedding needs even more time. We focus to get the pictures of your closest family what is usually more...

Wedding congratulations
Wedding reception - Cocktail hour - Agape - Vienna

Think about wedding guest when preparing wedding schedule. One location weddings has easy situation but when you need to change more location during the wedding day you need to plan carefully. Cocktail hour or reception take place sometimes on the beginning when your wedding guests are gathering on location and it may happen after the ceremony and congratulations more...

Wedding reception - cocktail hour
Wedding group photography - family - friends

There is couple of situation in a life when you get together all your family. This is a great opportunity to take a Group photo. We do not limit your ideas about wedding group picture, check the gallery below and inspire. Simple group portrait, posing or natural, we are ready to meet all your wishes. Keep in mind that is challenging to put together so big group, often multi language more...

Wedding group photography
Wedding food & drinks - dinner

WARNING! LEAVE THIS GALLERY IF YOU ARE HUNGRY! Only for fully fed otherwise you will be experiencing torture here :-) Wedding dinner is high point of wedding. After a long busy day everyone deserve a small reward. See the differences in tastes, colors and quantities. Roast pig, pork, beef, fish, dumpling, chicken, garnish platters, cheese, grapes, sweet savoury, desserts more...

Wedding food & drinks - dinner