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Commision a Portrait Drawing

It is pleasure for me to create commissioned artwork
for any art collector.I will enjoy each single part of creating of the piece,
believing you will have the same feeling from the artwork for the rest of times.
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1. Send me e-mail or use the request form (just bellow) with following points:
- referral photography* (or more) of the subject or describe what custom drawing do you request,
- requested size, height x width (inch or cm),
- number of persons.. (see price list bellow),
- number of extra copies (giclée prints) of your charcoal original portrait,
- time laps video (5 to 10 min.) or photos (10 to 15) cover creating of your piece,
- digital file (tiff or jpeg) from your original drawing, ready for giclée prints, 
- let me know any of your ideas.

2. We will discuss the estimated timeline and final price or other details.
- we exchange some e-mail communication.

3. Non-refundable deposit 30% from final price needs to be paid prior to drawing.
- payment must be made in EUR,
- you may use PayPal or internet bank transfer.

4. Turnaround time is generally about  2 to 6 weeks to complete depending on size and workload at the time.
- all works are created on acid free paper with time resistant value,
- I will send to you compositional sketch if needed or (and) final piece for review/

5. Upon approval and payment of balance due, drawing will be shipped to you.
- shipping is already included in final price,
- drawings are shipped unframed in tube,
- commissioned work may not be returned unless we agree other conditions.

See Terms & Conditions for more information.

*Reference materials - use e-mail to send photos please, best are high resolution professional photos (not covered with copyright!) with no extra editing (retouch, blurry skin, eye whitening and so on…). Natural or professional lighting is best, no direct flash. Side light shows your shape best way. Your natural character looks best. Send more photos in best quality you have to get best hand drown portrait.


Due to security use e-mail to send referral photos
Click for new image
** if ordered together with Commission or Art work


- charcoal prices in EUR, sizes in cm and inches,
- shipping handling is already included in prices, shipped unframed in tube,
- prices are for standard sized portraits with a plain background,
- prices include VAT (I am not VAT payer),

One Person - Head or Head & Shoulder

- 30cm x 42cm   (11.8″ x 16.5″) : 140€
- 42cm x 60cm   (16.5″ x 23.6″) : 160€
- 50cm x 70cm   (19.6″ x 27.5″) : 180€
- 70cm x 100cm (27.5″ x 39.3″) : 260€

One Person - Head & Body (part or full)

- 42cm x 60cm   (16.5″ x 23.6″) : 210€
- 50cm x 70cm   (19.6″ x 27.5″) : 240€
- 70cm x 100cm (27.5″ x 39.3″) : 320€

2nd person - add 60% cost to the above price,
3rd and next persons - add 30% cost to the above price per person,
Extra Giclée prints of your charcoal portrait, First copy + 82€  ( additional copies, +28€ each),
Time laps progress Full HD video (5 to 10min.) covers creating of your piece +140€,
Time laps progress photos (10 to 15) covers creating of your piece +75€,
Digital file (tiff or jpeg) from your original drawing, ready for giclée prints +50€,
Other Background or Objects (country, pets, car..) upon request,
Other then the above sizes - individual, no problem,
Online Gift voucher, for any value, valid one year, you pay 10% less from value if ordered with Commission or Art work,
Framing upon request, extra shipping cost - will be discussed.
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